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In which we begin a Tampopo like quest…

April 29, 2010

The student learns from the wise old master

One of my points of obsession with Japanese culture (at least as depicted in literature & film) is the constant quest for “the best”. You want to be a baker, that’s great, but you must put your heart to the sticking place and become the best baker in all of Japan. The same goes for hair stylists, acupuncturists, flower arrangers… any small occupation or endeavor. It’s not as much competition as it is a striving for excellence- to become ichiban-desu. It seems to me (an obvious outsider) just part in parcel of what is a desire to refine every aspect of life to its most pure and perfect form. In the movie Tampopo –which is hilarious– the main character is striving to create the perfect bowl of udon (an admirable goal if you ask me- a dedicated lover of the doughy noodle soup). Unintentionally, Ethan and I began our own quest last night: to find the best sushi restaurant in Portland.  This place tends to be our standby, but last night we branched out and went here instead. We’ll need to give it another few tries before moving to next venue, but its ranking high on the list so far. The atmosphere is delightful, the warm sake is tasty, and I found myself eating things I don’t normally care for because they were prepared so well- it was a “maybe  I’ve liked this all along, I just never had it made right before…”  evening. I recommend the Geisha Roll and the Agedashi Tofu (which is served a bit differently than normal, but quite deliciously!).

So, are you questing after anything?

Westerners do NOT slurp their noodles...



What I’m loving:

These adorable measuring cups… how I covet them!

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  1. May 3, 2010 10:29 pm

    I love Tampopo! and must watch it again soon, now that you’ve reminded me of it…

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