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In which we buy things that other people get rid of…

April 23, 2010

Today I just wanted to post about my favorite thrift shops in Portland (well technically they’re not in Portland…). On a true thrifting day we hit these three and a few others along the line. Between them, I never come home empty handed.

My grandmother started taking me here when I was in elementary school. We’d come together on Wednesday’s early in the morning because that was senior day and you got half off on all color tags except one. The prices are so low here that she stopped going to Goodwill and Value Village altogether, because they were too expensive.  They consistently have nice things and low prices (even if you don’t qualify for the senior discount).

The second stop of our one-two-(three) punch is the goodwill right off mcloughlin blvd. I don’t mean “the bins”. There is a regular goodwill further south that is never picked through like the ones close in Portland.

Finally there is The Dig. So great! I love the clothes and the prices and have had some of my best vintage finds here!

Where do you like to do your thrifting?



What I’m Loving:

This book. Admittedly, I judged this book quite harshly long before I ever turned a page. I worked at a bookstore and as a bookseller, I felt duty bound to scoff at those works that became commercial runaways  – particularly if they are recommended by Oprah. I know. This is a dangerously hipster-ish attitude and I am not proud of it. It came from a good place (or at least an honest one). Many of those bestseller that take readers by storm really aren’t good books. To compound that, the books that truly deserve recognition are completely passed over. Such is the case in life – but you take a stand somewhere, right? WRONG! Lol, that was really dramatic. But what I mean to say is taking a stand should never be confused with becoming inflexible and rigid. As a bee and book lover I should have given the book as chance a long time ago. As it happened, a friend bought it for me and because it was a gift I decided to let go of my stubborn snobbishness and read it. I can hardly put it down. It references my favorite bee book (this one, mentioned in previous posts) and reads in many ways like the all-time classic, To Kill A Mockingbird. Plus, it goes very well with my current obsession with the south. Highly recommend it, especially for a summer read (Don’t you love to feel a connection with books based on weather?). What are you reading?

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