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On City Living… with dogs

April 2, 2010

It’s easy for me to feel down about Portland. It’s my home town and I still live here, which for me – the girl who wanted to travel the world and have lovers in every port like a sailor sans the syphillis – is hard. Top that off with the fact that Portland is a destination City. No one is actually from Portland (except me) they’re the ones who traveled and left their nests (unlike me). They love Portland, often blindly and presumptuously.

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Traditionally, Oregonians have held disdain for Californian’s “who come here and can’t drive their cars but can certainly drive our housing prices up!”, but its not just the Californians anymore. The “outsiders” are from everywhere! I don’t feel this way, new blood is good for a city, I just often wish I could be that new blood… somewhere else. Also, as a side note, I have to mention that the “outsiders” are the ones who can drive. It’s comically easy to get a license in Oregon and Portlanders are particularly horrendous drivers. Whoops- I’m already straying from the topic. Back to where we were… Oh yes! Where I still am- Portland.

While I often disparage of the fact that I live here, the terrible road conditions, and the “we’re so green” (even though we kind of are) attitude, every now and then I have to truly appreciate the city I was born and raised in. Especially now that I have a dog.

Portland is a friendly city to would-be animal caretakers. I had to be vague right there, because really, you can pretty much have any kind of animal in Portland. My neighbors have bunnies, chickens, and ducks in their front yard. On a busy street. It’s not rural. It’s urban sustainability. I would be allowed to keep up to three beehives on my property (smack dab in the middle of the city) if I got permission from my neighbors, and if I asked, my neighbors would probably be encouraging. I could have a python or a Lynx for the price of the animal and an inexpensive permit (I am not encouraging this!). And for those of us that have your run of the mill pets (cats & dogs), things get even better.

This week we took Quinn to a fenced dog park on 57th & Halsey. She ran freely, chasing and cavorting with other off-leash pups, much to Ethan’s and my delight. The park had a smattering of toys for the free use of patrons, complimentary doggie clean-up bags, and water for potentially thirsty pooches. All free,  all well-maintained, and all dedicated to dogs and their owners. It gets better still.

Should I have a hankering for breakfast, I can take Quinn along to the Tin Shed and we can enjoy together. She can order her repast from the dog menu while I choose mine from the human.

And if I was perhaps feeling like channeling my inner Princess Jasmine? I could take Quinn with me tothe Pied Cow – a local hookah bar that offers a sumptuous puppy platter perfect for the palates of our canine friends –  a perfect location for allowing both of us to bask in our own particular versions of  hedonistic delight (basking is a beloved hobby of mine).

And should I just feel like a beer? Well Ms. Quinn and I can take a walk down to the Lucky Lab and spend quality time… can dogs be trained to hold back your hair at the end of the night? (j/k!!!).

What this is all getting at is the fact that Portland is not only accessible to pet lovers, it caters to them. This is a wonderful trait about my city and truly makes me feel grateful to be here. There are certainly a million more great things about Portland, but right now I am finally and fully appreciating this aspect.



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