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On Being a Queen & a Lab Partner

March 25, 2010

I recently saw (finally) two great films, as different from one another as night and day, but equally impactful.

Photo Courtesy of Metro UK

The First: The Young Victoria

I am equally inspired by his recent posts as this movie to post.  I’ll start with him. I always feel inspired after reading this blog, whether that’s because it gives me hope for man-kind (and I mean the man kind of homosapiens), or because he remarks upon and notices the important things that it seems like we’re trying to forget as a society (manners, how to hold a conversation or write a letter…). My latest inspiration came from his posting of Kubrik’s response on the meaninglessness of life. The post immediately reminded me of The Young Victoria and how I felt as I sat in my favorite theater,  leaning forward in my seat to rest my elbows on the table in front of me, with the sounds of beer guzzling* and popcorn munching all around. I have an insatiable love for real-life stories about men who love their wives. I don’t mean the offhanded, “of course I love my wife” kind of love. I mean the hands down I will always support this woman, I will help her achieve her full potential, I will always look at her with that spark in my eye, the I  “mean forever, if I have to hold up the sky”** kind of love.  The Young Victoria, while portraying the early years of her reign, also tells the story of her relationship with Prince Albert. A man who loved his wife. As I watched I was struck by a number of things. One is the fact that Prince Albert was a truly remarkable figure in history. There should be a gender studies class about him and his life as Prince to one of England’s most influential Queens; Two: that professional equity in a relationship may not be as important as I once thought, though it takes an incredibly special person to be with someone more “powerful” than they are as well as to keep that person grounded and that I might be so lucky as to have that person; and three: I want to be a Queen. Well, of course I don’t want to be a literal Queen,  but I want to make a mark on the world.  I’ve had this dream since I was young. I’m driven. Not for money (thought I can’t deny I like that too), not for power. I want to make the world a better place. I will do everything I set my mind to do, and I believe I have the time to.  Ethan’s not like that. At all. But he is dedicated to me, to supporting me, to helping me, to calming me down and to checking me when I get too headstrong.  In the span of about 2-hours I reawakened a childhood desire and confidence, tapped into my wonder-spring,  and renewed my appreciation for a good man. I’d say that’s a good film.

Two days later I saw the second film:

Courtesy of Hollywood Movie Costumes & Props Blog

The Fantastic Mr. Fox was adorable! Really, really adorable. My favorite line in the whole movie was the exchange between Ash and Agnes:

Ash: You’re supposed to be *my* lab partner.
Agnes: I am!
Ash: No you’re not. You’re disloyal

I laugh even just thinking about it! Ash was by far my favorite character – his attitude was perfect (well not really, but that’s why it’s so great). Hilarity aside though, this brought to mind the other side to that “love their wives” coin.  Although we’re not at that stage in our lives, and are not near it, Ethan wants a wife who loves her husband just as much as I want a husband who loves his wife. Recently, it’s been harder to come up with real-life examples of this. We thought we had it with Sandra Bullock and her Oscar acceptance speech, but that’s been tainted by recent news. I think Ash wants that too, in Agnes. Part of, maybe even the biggest part of being that dedicated spouse is being loyal. Not servile, or obsessed, simply and honestly loyal.  Thank you to Ash for my moment to stop and ponder and make sure that I am doing my part in this scientific experiment we are conducting.

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