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On New Friends

March 23, 2010


I have been lazy lately, well… not really lazy. I have actually been the opposite of lazy, which is why you haven’t heard from me.  And the greatest “not lazy” of all is this lovely lady.

What Chu Talkin' 'Bout?

We welcomed Quinn home on Saturday and our lives have been a neurotic, exciting, new parent mess ever since. We’re counting time in “hours we’ve had Quinn…” and it has been exhausting and wonderful.

What the picture might not show is that Quinn is an approximately 1 year old,  35lb Border Collie/Corgi mix who, in all honesty, is not the reason behind our neurosis. She has been so good. And I don’t mean weak adjective,  I couldn’t think of a better word “good”. I mean deep in her heart, hope and love for the world, utterly and simply good. A good soul. She’s smart and has obviously had some training before. She’s adorable and patient with us. Really, the perfect match for us.

We adopted her from the Oregon Humane Society and she was one of the many small breed dogs transferred there from a high-kill shelter in Merced, CA. If you live in the area and are interested in dog companionship, there are still quite a few (mostly Chihuahua mixes) at OHS.

As for our house, I’m excited to see how our lives are and will continue to change. I’m excited by the progress Quinn and the kitties make everyday and looking forward to the day I come home to this

courtesy of AnimalTalk

Sure, we wont be sleeping in until noon on Saturdays anymore, but the nap we all take together in the afternoon is pretty great.  I’m looking forward to doggie school and going on trips to the beach, and right now, I’m pretty certain we’re very lucky.

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