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On the Greatest Man in the World

March 12, 2010

Today I would like to introduce you to the cutest, bestest boy in the whole wide world. His name is Ethan and I like him.

I decided now was the time because It occurs to me that I’ve been getting fashion heavy recently (because fashion is great!) which isn’t exactly what I intended when I started this blog. This is supposed to be about everything and anything that’s wonderful. And frankly, Ethan is probably the most wonderous of wonders. Example:

smudgie sunnies!

He is about 5’11”, has pretty blond hair, and eyes that are like the sky. He has a giant schnoz and is probably my genetic opposite. My inner-biologist tells me this might be why I find him so exciting. Ethan is laid back and patient – I did say he was the opposite of me right?

He can play the bass and upright bass, he loves anime as much as I do, is from New Jersey (opposite side of the country…), and has strong opinions (ie he hates a lot of things), is very funny, tells stories well (again opposite of my “That’s a really good story Marcella…”), has cute style, and doesn’t make plans. Also he is very good at making pancakes and other foods.

We’re approaching our 4-year anniversary this year and I have trouble with both the idea that we’ve done so much together in only 4 years, and that we’ve been together for that long at all (especially considering the butterflies I still get around him).

I’ll never forget the day that I realized he was going to be my sliced bread – to this day when he wears a white t-shirt and jeans I get all mushy inside.

Cheers to lovely men and how happy they make us!



What I’m loving:

This breakfast place. Seriously it’s my favorite because they give you GIANT fruit plates and it’s the only breakfast joint that both Ethan and I love equally (Numero uno for both of us if you’re curious). I’ve never been disappointed with my food here, their Bloody Mary’s are super yummy and the black currant mimosa is a rare treat. Plus there servers are always personable and helpful!

This place (oatmeal & biscuits’n’gravy) and this place (oatmeal cinnamon pancakes) are also stand-bys for us and well worth checking out (even if only for the attractive wait staff).

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