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Hello Workweek…?

March 9, 2010

So it’s midway through Tuesday and I am finally saying hello to the workweek. Better late than never though!

Weekend ReCap:

  • Our thrifting was very fruitful this weekend- I found a lovely skirt (pics to come), four cute tops, a pair of crazzzzy shoes, some glassware, and a neat stool (which the cats have since claimed).

  • Since we’re on the topic of fruit(fulness), I’ll give you the update on the jam thus far. We ran out of containers for our copious amounts of strawberry freezer jam and so we couldn’t freeze part of it, but we didn’t want to throw it away so we just put it in the fridge to use on our bread (more on that later). The fridge jam didn’t completely set but it sure tastes like delicious jam – we’ll find out about the actual freezer jam after we’ve eaten our fridge jam (which is really tasty nonetheless).

  • My bread baking was a success, and I really owe it all to the wonderful recipe that was given to me. It’s so easy to follow and the results are scrumptious!

  • We didn’t end up making it to the brewing class because we weren’t sure if it was meant for established brewers or not, but really because we wanted to sleep in. Next time?
  • I didn’t watch either of the movies I wanted to, but I did procure them. We also got Airplane, which we watched last night while eating our homemade version of Laughing Planet’s “Spanky’s Bowl”. Warm and fuzzy times were had for all! (I know that isn’t really “weekend” but it did happen).
  • Finally, I learned how incredibly hard it is to take good photos of outfits. I couldn’t really get any good ones (hence the poor quality. Sorry!)


Sunday (Peekaboo Ethan!):

What I’m watching:

This is my favorite item of the week thus far.

These videos are pretty awesome (not new, but then nothing really ever is…).

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