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Another day in Paradise – Oh Dear Philly!

March 5, 2010

Last night while I was driving with my iPhone on shuffle I was struck once again by the feeling that it was a living being completely in tune with me – think scifi style in which everyone is assigned an electronic companion who is their perfect compatible match at birth (aka  Ergo Proxy before it gets all weird with the gameshow episode). For about 20 minutes it played the exact songs and genres I wanted to hear (and there are a lot to choose from on it). Until… Another Day in Paradise. In the right setting, I loooooove Phil Collins. Mike Tyson sums it up best here:

Unfortunately, last night wasn’t the right setting and my iPhone reverie was broken. C’set la vie though, and I still insist that the iPhone has changed my life for the better. I love iPhone.

That’s probably enough about my unhealthy relationship with my phone.

What else is going/has gone on this week?

While it’s snowy and cold everywhere else in the country, Spring seems to be peaking her head out early here in lovely Portland. All the trees are budding or already flowering and I couldn’t be happier.

This has been a great fashion week for me and I think I might have re-don all my favorites to post because I definitely want to share.

This weekend is looking rather exciting as we are participating in a free brewing class and then hitting our favorite thrift strip… hard. If I’m lucky I might be able to convince the roomies to go to the antique mall too so I can look for some cute shoe clips for my blimey’s (which, since we’re on the subject, are the greatest shoes ever created), maybe something like these or these.

courtsey of

I’m also thinking this weekend is a good time to do some bread baking and jam making. I’m going to be trying to make freezer jam for the first time – I’ll be sure to let you know how it turns out.

I know it might be packing a lot in, but I’d also like to get a chance to watch this movie and this movie sometime this weekend – and then there’s the Oscar party to attend! What a wonderful weekend to look forward to!

I’m still on the hunt for new shoes,  so if you have any suggestions on where I might find super cool versions of any of the following, let me know!

  • Black flats ( simple or subtle)
  • Gray Heels (low or kitten, I love these from Pink Studio, but am trying to be more thrifty)
  • Fancy flats
  • Summer wedges

And now for the part that really matters!

What I’m watching:

This lovely lady is another “Thanks to ModCloth…” find. She isn’t the blogger of the month but a cute outfit of hers was featured in their blog and I really enjoyed exploring her blog.

Although, it’s sad, it is true that there comes a time to say sayonara…until next time!

Adieu, Adieu (to you, and you and you)


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