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February 18, 2010

I got lazy this week and haven’t posted for a little bit. So what’s new? Not a whole lot except that my new dresses came this week and they are fantastic- I’m wearing this one today and wore this yesterday. Both make me feel beautiful and feminine and all without the dubious aid of Lysol. Thank you not living in the 40’s…50’s…or 60’s… I salute your darling style and knowing how to work it as a lovely lady, but living in that much of a man’s world might not have been for me…

But tangent aside, the great thing about blogging is that it just takes a bit of reading to get you back in the the spirit (ie. not lazy anymore). I took some time this afternoon to check in on my favorites, find a few new ones, and give myself the jolt I needed to sit down and spout some nonsense! YAY Superwoman-go-getter-in-shoulder-pads me! Then I realized I didn’t really have anything to say…but taking a cue from our friends over here…I wont let that stop me. Okay, I probably shouldn’t take potshots when I have no particular direction or logical thought train myself… Darnit! I did it again! In the end, I just thought I’d share a few bright and happy bits and reflect on the fact that I really need to post more pictures…people love pictures. Reflection done, let’s get tot he bright and happy’s.

In wonderful news it is a beautiful day in Portland, Oregon. In irrelevant news: All of my Pandora stations seem to be molding themselves into the same Postal Service/MGMT/Stars radio… which is nice but maybe I’m letting them get the upperhand. Such waywardness… it’s just unseemingly!

And finally, what anybody who reads is usually looking for, what I’m watching:

This recipe as a potential for bookclub…I’m thinking of serving it with this, because its fun and I can (whoot)!


These shoes, because gd-it they are EVERYWHERE and I am falling more and more in love with them.


This, another thanks to Keiko Lynn (who is my hero right now if you hadn’t noticed). Such cute things!

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