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Mid-Year (or maybe a little later) Check-in

August 11, 2009

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Hello Again,

It has been quite a while and life has been a topsy-turvy! So as a way of jumping back into blog-land, I’ve decided to do a mid-year check-in (ok, so maybe its not exactly mid-year…maybe it’s 2/3-year) to share with you how I’ve been doing on my new year’s resolutions. So let’s get to it…

No. 1 Start a Blog- I did that (this one was a no brainer), but I haven’t been a good or regular blogger by any means… the year isn’t over yet though!

No. 2 One Little Word- Well, I chose my word, so that’s step one down. I think about my word and how it applies to my life every now and then, which I’ll give myself a half step for. I haven’t come up with any idea for an art project though, so no steps there. But again, all hope is not lost. I have ±4 months, right?

No. 3 Bake a Battenburg Cake- As this photo might hint, I did it (with the help of my awesome roomie Trisha)! We started around 10pm one humid evening and made a huge mess in the kitchen—it was a bit ridiculous, there was powdered sugar everywhere, marzipan was sticking to the countertops, and don’t even get me started on the apricot jam! It turned out though, well let me correct myself here, it didn’t just turn out, it was fantastic (the few bites we could eat before it melted in the 100+ degree heat)! The flavor was great and it looked splendid, if I do say so myself (Bill & Tobey agree and add, “so what if the squares don’t quite match up?”).

No. 4 23andme- Due to the fact that he is wonderful (most of time) and loves me (all of the time), Ethan bought me this for my birthday (along with this lovely Edith Tote from Queen Bee Creations—I am a very lucky girl). What did I learn? Well, I am 67% European in ancestry, 25% African, and 8% Asian (I’m guessing that 8% is from the Native American bit). Genetically I am predisposed to make the same mistakes multiple times before learning (how sad and true) and I’m not a carrier for anything terrible. I’m really happy with the results and would definitely recommend it—especially to any couples hoping to get pregnant (NOT ME!).

I need a little finger stretch… and onward Christian soldiers, to the next resolution (I sure made a lot of resolutions this year…)

No. 5 Rosetta Stone—Well I got it, but I haven’t used it as much as I’d hoped I would. I guess that’s another goal for the “the year is not over yet…I still have time… right?”  column. I still think it’s neat software, but using it with a language I am familiar with is making me rethink my wholehearted support. From what I’ve done so far, I am not sure how effective it is at creating long-term learning (it’s great for short-term memory though). We’ll see if I change my opinion with more use.

No. 6 Yoga—This is the one that I have really let the ball drop on. I haven’t even been doing any at home. I’ve definitely got some work to do.

No. 7 Weekend Trips with Ethan—Not yet, though August is looking good for us. I’m giving myself a leeway with this one because we’ve had a lot of people visit us this summer. Hopefully we will have a wonderful time camping and going to hot springs this month though, and a nice cozy visit to the coast during fall or winter sounds just delightful, doesn’t it? Wish us luck!

No. 8 Credit Score—First, the confession: I haven’t actually checked my score this year. Second, the bright side: I have been following Ms. Orman’s guide to improving my score throughout the year, so I should actually be making progress.

No. 9 Writing—There’s another big no and a big “boo” waiting for me on this one. As you can probably tell, blogging hasn’t helped much because I haven’t been blogging regularly. I do have some writing group meetings planned though, and I think that with spring (force) me into action.

Well, that’s it for the wrap-up. It looks like I have a lot to do yet this year. Lucky for me, I do have some time left. But for now, I’d better finish up writing this and start doing some of those other things. Thanks for reading and helping me stay accountable! Have a great day/evening/morning (depending) and remember: never spit in the wind.

(Side note: 9 resolutions is a strange number…)


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