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Pretty Girls Wear Prosthetics

February 20, 2009

This is going to be a shorter post about some of the artists I love. I’m not exactly sure how it started- wether from Dan telling me about gelaskins for my iPod,  Ethan’s general influence, my love of pretty/cute/sometimes odd things, my love of graphic novels, or art magazines, or a combination of all of this above- but I’ve started keeping an eye out for new and exciting people to admire.

The latest one I’ve added to my little Artists bookmark folder is Makiko Sugawa. If you look at the pictures you might be able to see where Ethan’s influence comes into play. Her works are both disturbing and erotic, often because of the combination of the two. She features many characters who have prosthetic limbs which some say is a reflection of herself since she too has a prosthetic leg.

Others on the list include:

Audrey Kawasaki– Her work is done on wood, which is neat, but it’s also uncomfortably sensual (because her girls stare right at you) and a little disturbing… I see a trend here, maybe I need to see a psychiatrist.

James Jean– His work is twisted and beautiful, not always but often sensual… good god, it’s a running theme now. He’s also the cover artist for Fables.

Stell Im Hultberg– Her work is challenging and elegant, at times sensual, though the greatest impression is haunting. She uses tea on paper in much of her work.

Amy Sol– HA! Her work is not sensual. It is a combination of fantasy, and the natural world. It’s delicate and adorable at the same time without straying into the realm of Sanrio cuteness. It lingers like a more eco-focused Alice-in-Wonderland  hallucination (where Alice is a little asian girl).

Eduardo Risso– He is the artist for 100 Bullets, which is my favorite graphic novel series. His work is gritty, dirty, and urban.

Amanda Potter– Ethan introduced me to her- literally. Her work is often very disturbing, but not just for the sake of that. She makes great statements and makes me feel as if I am facing a visual representation of human conscience.

Check these people out, hopefully you find at least one to enjoy as much as I do.


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